Blue Pitbull Breeders in Louisiana

We at BBK are blue Pitbull breeders in Louisiana. Bayou Bully Kennels would like to first of all thank God and all our friends and family who helped our dreams come true. We are committed to producing the best XL and XXL American Bullies (also dubbed XL Pitbulls) in the business, with everything you would expect in a high quality, well bred Bully dog. We sincerely appreciate you for visiting our site and for your interest in our dogs.

XL PitbullBayou Bullies is a Northern Louisiana based American Bully Kennel that specializes in the breeding of XL and XXL American Bullies and blue Pitbulls. Our Pitbull dogs are bred for size, temperament and agility and do very well in family and multiple animal homes. We have worked very hard at bringing some of the best dogs from around the nation and making them the foundation of our kennel. Our dogs are UKC registered and posses the country’s top XL Bully and XL Pitbull bloodlines such as: GK, XB, GOTTILINE (also called Gottyline or Gotti, Gotty), MUGLESTON, RAZOR’S EDGE AND MANY MORE. Our XL Bully Pits have outstanding pedigrees and come from most of the top producers in the business today. Here at BBK we selectively breed for size (among other positive qualities). Our dogs are big, thick and wide! We specialize in head size, chest and muscle development! Simply said, “Our dogs are a cut above!” ALL OF OUR DOGS COME UKC REGISTERED, UP TO DATE ON SHOTS, DEWORMED, 100% VET CHECKED, AND HEALTH GUARANTEED! OUR KENNELS ARE OPEN TO PUBLIC VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!

Blue Pitbull Puppies for Sale

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Our puppies are big, beautiful, thick, and wide – with parents that are exceptional specimens of the breed – excellent temperament and intelligence combined with the high quality looks of an XL Bully dog! The complete package is available here at our XL Bully and Pitbull kennel. We wouldn’t offer any less to the individuals and families who purchase one of our Pitbull puppies or Bully puppies, and we stand by that standard as well as all of our productions.

Breeder of XL Pitbull Dogs

We are more than just a breeder of XL Pitbull dogs, as we strive to bring together all of the qualities in our dogs that a good Pitbull breeder would. Not just the looks you want in a dog, but also personality, function, temperament, and intelligence. All of our breedings are carefully planned, taking into consideration all of these characteristics. If a dog is not breed worthy due to poor temperament, poor disposition, and poor quality, that Bully dog is simply not bred. It is always a disappointment, but these are the hard choices that a quality breeder of XL Pitbull dogs and XL Bullies needs to make.

Finest Pitbulls Made in Louisiana

It’s no secret that BBK has the finest Pitbulls made in Louisiana. There is not other Louisiana based XL Bully or Pitbull breeder that offers the quality of dog that we do at BBK. We breed with this standard in mind, always. You will always receive a puppy with the quality you expect from us. If you are searching for a Bully or Pitbull breeder in LA, you have found the breeder for you right here. Please shoot us an email or give us a call with your inquiries. We can also set up an appointment for you to see our big & beautiful XL Bullies and XL Pitbulls.

The Best XL Pitbull Kennel

Pitbull DogWhile BBK is based in LA, we are nothing less than the best XL Pitbull kennel for all XL puppy seekers in the USA, and worldwide. Bayou Bully Kennels is very experienced in relocating your puppy to you, no matter which state or country you live in (aside from areas/regions where the breed is banned). Pet shipping is pain free and easy. We use both reputable pet ground shippers, and airline pet cargo – whichever is the most convenient and cost effective for us and our puppy owners. Please note that international pet shipping will always be done by air. Occasionally, our Pit puppies can be delivered to Canada via ground transport. So no matter where you reside, you can purchase from the best XL Pitbull kennel – BBK!

ATTENTION: Our dogs are breed only for the purpose of family companionship and dog show competition. We do not support nor do we condone dog abuse or dog fighting of any kind. If we suspect or have reason to believe that you are involved in any illegal activities involving dogs, we will not sale you a dog and you will be reported immediately.

For more information on breedings and the purchasing of a dog from Bayou Bullys feel free to contact us at:
Chris Thornton (318)-517-8322


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